10 Diet Tips That You Should Not Follow

Have you ever started a diet and immediately people start giving you dieting advice? Most of the time that bad advice could cause more harm than good for your diet, so just below are some of those tips. Following advice from people that have not actually gone through the process, will more times than not cause you to gain weight. Everyone’s body is different and what may work for one person may not work for you. Find what works for you and stick with it, you will lose weight. Here are the top 10 diet tips that you can get that are bad to follow.

Bad Advice # 1: You should only choose sugar-free and fat-free foods

Advice: Sugar-free and Fat-free foods are not necessary for losing weight. Cutting out high sugar and high fat foods from your diet will cause you to lose weight. So will cutting back on your portion sizes, the point is that nothing is bad for you if you use common sense and reasonable portions.

Bad Advice # 2: There is no cheating when dieting!

Advice: Look, it is perfectly fine to have mini rewards while you are dieting. Rewarding yourself, help breaks the boring dieting habits that have a tendency to cause you to stop the diet. Little rewards can actually help you lose weight over time. As your body adjusts to your new calorie intake, most people hit mini plateaus. This is where your body has gotten use to only 1200 calories a day. “Cheating” can trick the body in to thinking that you are eating again and can restart your metabolism.

Bad Advice # 3: You need to stop snacking all day!

Advice: This is counterproductive; you should actually eat more often during the day. You just have to choose the right healthy snacks; a bag of potato chips just will not cut it. Eating more often throughout day keeps your body processing food and in return increases your metabolism.

Bad Advice # 4: You cannot have fruit on diets!

Advice: Fruit has all natural sugar in it and will serve as a means to stop the cravings for sugar you may have. Again, it is all about portion control and limiting the amount of times you have it in a week. As long, you have it once a day and no more than three times a week, you should be fine on most diets. Try to stay away from fruits that are high in carbs and sugars that is a double whammy on most diets.

Bad Advice # 5: If it is organic, it is good for you.

Advice: Just because it says organic, does not mean it is good for you. Organic, the USDA defines it just means that the traditional pesticides on the products are never used.

Bad Advice # 6: You can eat whatever you want just burn more calories than you do take in.

Advice: It does matter what you eat. Eating high fat foods like fast food versus healthier foods like lettuce or spinach make a huge difference when dieting. That is not to say you cannot have those foods, you can and I encourage you to reward yourself if you have had a successful week of weight loss. Remember is it all about moderation and portion control. Smaller portions means less calories taken in and less you have to work off later. At the same time, it builds your moral up with a reward system. Set weekly goals and when achieve them give yourself a reward. Maybe a single piece of your favorite chocolate could be that reward. Just remember and this is the trick, it can only be one thing and do not go on a binge.

Bad Advice # 7: You need to be doing ABC extreme diet.

Advice: Everyone is different. Our bodies are different and the personal goals you set for yourself are different. What motivates is also different from person to person. The newest diet fad may work for most people but 90% of the time when they stop the diet, the weight comes back, plus more. You have to rethink the way you eat, this is the best advice I ever received. If you do not retrain yourself mentally, all diets will fail at some point for you.

Bad Advice # 8: Always order a salad when you cannot decide.

Advice: Choose carefully when ordering salads. There have been enough case studies to show that just because it is a salad does not mean it is healthy for you. Some salads at restaurants have additional things in the salad like beans, cheese, dressing, and even fried foods at times. This can increase the calorie intake of the salad by 100’s of calories. I nice healthy grill chicken salad can go from 150 calories (110 3 Oz breast and 2 cups of lettuce to over 500 calories with just adding a dressing like Ranch to it.

Bad Advice # 9: You do not need to exercise while on a diet

Advice: Do something that is why you are looking at dieting now. Something as simple as walking for 20 minutes can burn up to 2 or 300 calories. It is not the point of walking to burn calories in the beginning. It does help your body overcome plateau areas because you are dipping into the bodies’ energy reserve. The point is to get you active again. There will come a time when you enter the maintenance mode of the diet. This is where all those weeks of walking are going to pay off. Because if will now be habit forming and you will want to work out. You will actually start to feel guilty when you do not.

Bad Advice # 10: Treat yourself to a reward every time you workout

Advice: This is not bad advice per se, you just have to select the right reward system and you cannot go overboard Taken to the extreme will undo all the hard work you have done for the day. Choosing a special reward for working does give you motivation to do it. Just make sure it something that you can enjoy but does not pack the pounds back on. For instance, I rewarded myself with sugar-free Jell-O snacks and sugar-free popsicles. I know that they are sugar-free but it was more of mental thing.