Does P90X Work?

This seems to be one of the most asked questions when looking at the P90X system. Since starting this website and looking at p90x reviews I have found several mixed reviews on the subject. Some claim there is only one workout system that will produce results and that is p90x. Some people are the complete opposite and claim that the system doesn’t really work or they feel like that should have gotten better results with the program. In the end, most results are dependent on the person working out. The two major factors are the level of fitness when the person starts the program and their desire to get back in to shape. Therefore, in the next series of posts I am going to cover actual results that I found to be true either through Facebook or on the internet.

The Hype!

The myth around the product is that it will put you in the best shape of your life. While it is true that you will definitely be in better, shape that when you first started the program. You will not look like the normal results that are shown on TV. The system will not turn everyone in to a ripped muscle builder in 90 days. There isn’t a program on the market that can accomplish that kind of result in just 90 days. However, it will start to transform you and lay the foundation that you will need to reach that goal. If you find p90x to hard, try looking in to something that is a little easier for beginners. The exercises are hard there is no denying that, I found that I had to stop the DVD during the workouts just to catch my breath.

If you are able to stick with the program for the full 90 days, you will see some sort of results. This varies from person to person but almost everyone that completes the first cycle sees the results of their hard work. Now time for the hype, most people have to complete two or three 90 cycles before they start to see the results. This is especially the case with most men; it just takes that amount of time to build the muscle.

The biggest part of p90x is muscle confusion; this is the only thing in p90x that is hype. Muscle confusion is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to purchase the program. This technique is nothing more than changing your exercise routine every couple of weeks to get the most from your workouts. Most people do this already and don’t realize it or even know that they are doing it.


Defining expectations is probably the most critical component of using the P90X system. If you set your expectations to high then the system will fail and you will be extremely unhappy with the system. However if you set your expectations correctly, then the product will help you get in to shape at your pace. What do I mean by that? Everyone has different levels of fitness, from unfit to someone that is almost a professional athlete. If you haven’t worked out in say ten years, then you will need to take the program slower than someone that already workouts every other day. As long as you are improving week after week, from 6 push-ups to 10 push-ups that is improvement and the program is working. Having the expectation that the program is going to help you, ten year’s worth couch potato weight is unrealistic.

The Answer:

The short and simple answer is yes, the program does work. The program does a wonderful job of explaining the exercises to all different levels of fitness. An example of this is Tony Horton explains you can use resistance bands in place of a pull-up bar, also when they show you how to use a chair for assistance with pull-ups. Keep in mind that you will need to follow the program, which includes the diet. If you follow the program and listen to the advice / support that given, you will see results at the end of 90 days.