Extreme P90X Results!

I just had to share this person’s story. It was one of the best “Extreme P90X Results” I have ever seen on the internet. The person used mostly p90x with some insanity thrown in there (only after he was semi in shape). He started the program weighing in at 375, after several p90x 90 day cycles he was “ripped” and down to 197. That is a true success story if I have ever seen one; this has to be the best results with P90X.

This is an example of an extreme p90x results case and is very difficult for people his size to do at all, not to mention doing it with p90x. However if he was able to do it, then anyone can right. P90x is an extremely difficult home workout routine and to see these kinds of results is amazing. With this home workout program by beach body this person was able to transform his body in just 60 days; in the video you see a major difference in just 60 days.

While this type of result is not the norm, it is possible with the program. There is no doubt about this program and its ability to have you loses weight and builds muscles. The diet plan is design to help with not only losing weight but it also helps you get in shape. The diet plan is “designed” so that you are eating non-fat foods but you are eating enough calories to help you through the extreme workout.

These results are not typical but they are achievable. Please make sure you pace yourself in the beginning to avoid injuries. In addition, make you contact your family doctor prior to starting, they may be able to help with monitoring during the workouts phases. Just make sure you use this program at your own pace and not trying to do more than your body can take. The diet is the key, follow the diet and the rest is just hard workouts.