P90X Lean Calendar – Review of the workout schedule

P90X Calendar Lean

The p90x lean calendar is one of the three workout schedules of the p90x calendars. This phase of the workout really focuses more towards cardio than strength building, but is really for people that do not want to go full steam with the classic or doubles calendars. The lean schedule is actually an “easier” version of […]

Insanity Workout Fit Test Sheet

Insanity Fit Test Sheet

The insanity workout fit test sheet is the one thing that you need to fill out prior to starting insanity. The fit test is your benchmark and a way for you to determine if you can even do insanity. The fit sheets show you some examples of the workouts that you will be performing over the next 60 days […]

Workout Anytime Tips

Workout Anytime

Following a workout program or an intense program such as P90X, Insanity, or a weight routine at a gym are all fantastic options when working towards a greater level of fitness and health. However, it is also a good idea to have other options available to you. Life has a tendency to throw the best-laid plans awry […]

P90X Fitness Guide

P90x Fitness Guide

The p90x fitness guide comes with the p90x system. It is one of the books that you get in the box with the DVD’s. The guide is required reading because it lays out everything you need to know on how to get the results that you are looking for. The guide outlines the workout program, how to […]

Insanity vs P90X

P90X vs Insanity

Most people when looking for information on insanity vs p90x do not realize that they are completely different programs. Since each program has a different focus, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Both Insanity and P90X are some of the most popular home workouts on the market and both are products of Beach Body. Each program is intense and has its […]

P90X Workout Review for Women

P90X Review for Women

That is right it is not just a program for men to get in shape with, women have p90x success stories as well. So how do you determine if p90x is right for you? Well if your husband or boyfriend is already working out, then you should at least join him in the workouts. You […]

P90X Plus Reviews

P90X Plus | P90X +

So, you are done with P90X and need a new challenge? P90X Plus is Beachbody’s answer for the P90X graduate who is looking to take it to another level. Tony, the trainer from the original P90X, is back with new moves and routines that will have you reaching for the pause button. This supplemental program is to […]

P90X Review For Men

P90X for Men

Today we are going to look at the program just for men. Men seem to love this home fitness program by beachbody. Since men tend to lose weight faster than women do, they appear to have better results with the program. Starting p90x is that hardest part for most men and of that, the diet […]

Muscle Confusion

Muscle Confusion Results

In this section are going to be looking at what causes these type of injurers and the secret behind the p90x program. The secret behind program is muscle confusion; the program uses this method to help keep you from plateauing during the program. In this post, I will be going over is it all “hype” or […]

P90X Bad Reviews

Thumbs up P90X review

If you have been looking at P90X, then you already know there is nothing like it on the market. When you first see p90x on TV, some people may feel that it is a fraud and there is no way it could ever produce those types of results. The hype around p90x and the extreme […]