Insanity vs P90X

Most people when looking for information on insanity vs p90x do not realize that they are completely different programs. Since each program has a different focus, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Both Insanity and P90X are some of the most popular home workouts on the market and both are products of Beach Body. Each program is intense and has its advantages, the key is figuring out what type of program you are looking for. Your personal preference will depend on your current fitness level and amount of time you have to invest in to the daily workouts. The pros and cons of these exercise programs are below so that you can make an informed decision about your next exercise program. We will look at each program and show you the benefits of both. The choice really comes down to your fitness needs and goals that you have set for yourself. Are you looking for cardio? Are you looking for cardio and building muscle? The decision will change your life over the next couple of months.

What is Insanity?

Insanity is one of the most popular resistance-training workout DVDs available. Shaun T. uses energizing dance moves and music to keep you motivated throughout the program. In 60 days, Shaun T. can help you accomplish what other programs can only dream of doing in a year.

The program requires a commitment of six days a week for about an hour per day. The program is extreme and for beginners it is advised to start with a lesser intense program. You should have a moderate level of fitness before trying this program. Aerobics, strength training, and nutrition are all a part of this innovative program. Abdominal training is accomplished while standing up and is quite effective and against all the traditional methods for getting those lovely six-pack abs.

What is P90X?

P90X revolves around a concept called muscle confusion. The foundation of the program includes cardiovascular, strength training, and performance. Through these basic principles, you are able to reach astounding fitness levels in just 12 weeks with this program. With the help of principles taught by Dr. Marcus Eliot, Tony Horton leads you during the 90-day program. The focus of this program is muscle building and muscle toning; this is where the concept of muscle confusion comes into play. By changing the workouts regularly, your body never really fully adapts to the workouts. While this is not really a new concept and more of a marketing gimmick, there is some truth behind changing your workouts on a regular basis.

Unlike the 60-day commitment required by Insanity, P90X paces you to achieve a great fitness level over the course of 90-days. You will also be required to work out for six days per week just like the other program Insanity. The times that you work out every day will vary depending on which of the three workout plans you choose. P90X is effective for people of all fitness levels since beginners can start with the less intense lean phase.

Insanity VS P90X Workout!

Here is a side by side comparison of insanity vs p90x.
Insanity vs P90x


  • Length of Commitment: This program only requires a 60-day commitment to experience the full effects of the program.
  • Prerequisites: This program is too intense for most beginners. That is why it is having an existing level of fitness is recommended.
  • Other Things to Know: Insanity uses music and dancing to help you remain energized and motivated to work out during the fall and winter seasons.


  • Length of Commitment: This program requires a 90-day commitment instead of a 60-day commitment required by Insanity.
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this program. Beginners can participate.
  • Other Things to Know: P90X uses exercise that is more traditional rather than dance moves to help you achieve your desired level of fitness.

How to Choose a Workout Program:

Choosing a workout program is a personal choice. You have to assess your fitness levels and determine how you are best motivated. If you are not a beginner and you love to dance, Shaun T.’s Insanity may be the answer for you. If you are a beginner, you are more likely to choose P90X because it is a little easier than Insanity because of the different phases. Insanity is so intense that even some advanced fitness gurus may have difficulty maintaining the intensity levels required. Choose a program that matches your fitness levels and that motivates you to exercise. Otherwise, the program will be a waste of time.

Should You Choose Insanity, P90X or Both?

Why You Should Buy Insanity:

If you already have a workout regimen and you want additional muscle toning, you should consider Insanity. Insanity is an excellent workout program that is effective as long as you can maintain the fitness and energy levels. The results are faster with Insanity than with P90X. If you need results fast, Insanity is the choice you should make.

Why You Should Buy P90X:

P90X is for beginners who need to achieve fitness in a short period. Full results are usually not as fast as Insanity, but your fitness will improve using P90X. A physician oversees the program and is one of the most popular at home workouts on the market.

Why You Should Buy Both

Buy both programs to meet your fitness needs on all levels. You may want to participate in Shaun T.’s Insanity program, but you may choose the P90X until you reach a fitness level that will allow you to participate in the Insanity program.

Both programs are portable and are great for you to take on long trips. The program is so easy to follow that you can work out in hotel rooms or in the living room of your home. Buying both programs will ensure that you achieve fitness regardless of your current fitness level.

What Is Included with Insanity and P90X Workout Program?


Insanity comes equipped with 12 DVDs, a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, a workout calendar and free online support. On the 12 DVDs expect to receive a 30-minute fitness test, a 42-minute cardiovascular workout, a 40-minute strength training workout and a 33-minute cardiovascular recovery workout. You will also receive a 55-minute cardiovascular and abdominal DVD, a 37-minute core cardio and balance DVD and the 87-minute Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test. The Plyometrics DVD is to work out the legs.


P90X also consists of 12 DVDs, a nutrition guide and a workout calendar. The 12 DVDs focus on cardiovascular, recovery, strength training, toning and stretching. P90X programs incorporate yoga, the use of medicine balls and balance exercises. P90X is comprehensive. What a person receives in the package will depend on the type of package purchased. Prices vary based what is included in the package.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insanity and P90X:

Insanity vs P90X Rating

Insanity Pros:
• Thirty-Day Money Back Guarantee
• Pay in Installments of $39.95 Each
• Exercise in the Comfort of Your Home
• Free Online Support
• Elite Nutrition Plan Included
• Complete the Program in 60 Days

P90X Pros:
• World-Class Fitness Doctor Participated in the Design of the Fitness Program
• Money Back Guarantee in 90 Days
• Achieve Results in 90 days
• Guide for Nutrition Included
• Different Plans Offered

Insanity Cons:
• Not Recommended or Too Intense for Beginners
• 12 DVDs to Transport and Store

P90X Cons:
• 12 DVDs Cumbersome to Take On Travel
• Extra Equipment Required in Order to Complete Exercises

Final Thoughts:

Both programs are worth their weight in gold. Most people actually end up buying both programs. They will complete a cycle of one and then move to the next program. They will continue this switching back and forth until they have reached their goals or just to keep working out. Most people start with P90X and they usually complete two full circuits. Most start with the lean phase, and then move on to the classic phase. Once they have finished both phases they are looking for the next challenge. This is where Insanity comes in; they will start this program because it is the hardest programs on the market. Are you up to the challenge?