Muscle Confusion

In this section are going to be looking at what causes these type of injurers and the secret behind the p90x program. The secret behind program is muscle confusion; the program uses this method to help keep you from plateauing during the program. In this post, I will be going over is it all “hype” or is it something special.

What is the definition of Muscle Confusion?

Consisting of short training cycles, these types of workouts focus on changing the workout routines frequently so that your body does not get use to the workouts. Most people often regard the muscle confusion principle as a myth. However, some advocates out there fully believe in this methodology for muscle development. The main science behind muscle confusion is changing workouts frequently, in doing so you will not plateau. At some point in exercise and even diets, your body will get used to working out or even the diet. By changing the workout up just a little your body will start working harder. Harder working body means more muscle gained and more calories burned. Muscle confusion is best when used with workouts in the general physical preparedness category.

How does it work?

If you have been working out any length of time, then by now you know that your body will adapt and the workouts become less effective. If you challenge muscles with intensity that varies every couple of weeks, that is what muscle confusion is about. Muscle development is a key part of working and if you do not see the expected results then you have hit a plateau. If you just challenge muscles with variety then you will move to the next fitness level or you will get a little better muscle definition.

The Myth:

In reality, all muscle confusion is a buzzword for changing out your workouts every couple of weeks. When a company is selling a product, it is important for them to claim something that no one else is doing. This is where the myth of muscle confusion comes in; all it is at its core is changing your workout routine. As long as the system you have chosen is around changing the workouts at the most critical times, the workout will be successful.

What are some common workouts that use it?

The most common workout on the market to claim the use of muscle confusion is p90x by Beachbody. The science behind p90x is using it to help get you over the plateaus that most people experience when working out. How does p90x work? Well that a simple question it changes the workouts every couple of weeks so your body does not get use to the workouts.

Final Thoughts:

Does it work? Sure, but not because it is called muscle confusion, it works because you are changing your workouts. That is just a gimmick to get you to purchase a product. Working out along will get you into shape and changing your workouts will keep you from hitting a plateau. You do not have to have a specific program that claims to specialize in muscle confusion to benefit from it. Here is a perfect example, most people use treadmills for cardio. Over time you get use to the settings on the treadmill; speed, incline, and time. By changing one of those, let us say the incline, you will notice that the cardio workout is now a little harder for you. That is what will increase your overall fitness, minor tweaks to your workouts to get the most out of it.