P90X Calendar – Printable Workout Schedule

This is my printable p90x workout calendar, this calendar is a critical piece of the BeachBody workout system. It allows you to keep track of what workout is next and when the workouts change so you benefit from muscle confusion. I have included multiple calendar versions for you to download or print off. I like the custom calendars the best because I can print them off and cross off the workouts as I do them. The calendar has three different phases to follow the classic phase, the lean phase, and the doubles phase. If you were starting out with p90x for the first time, I would recommend following the Lean Phase. Beginners will find the lean workout to be a little easier than the classic workout. Most people think that the lean phase is the cardio only version of p90x, they are wrong. The calendars in order from easiest to hardest are Lean, Classic, and Doubles. I should mention that all the workouts are hard, that is why they are so effective at getting you back in to shape. Please let me know if you looking for any specific type of workout calendar and I will add them to the page.

P90X Calendar Classic     P90X Calendar Lean    P90X Calendar Doubles

The p90x calendars below are the ones that you can personalize; each one is a .ppt file that you can download and customize. If you do not have power point, let me know and I will make one for you.

Classic Calendar




Lean Calendar


Below are all the p90x classic workouts that come with the program:

All P90X Calendars

Below is what the custom calendars look like, so if you would like more just let me know. Also, if you have any requests, just leave a comment at the bottom.

Custom P90X Classic Calendar  Custom P90X Lean Calendar   Custom P90X Doubles Calendar



P90X Classic Calendar Phase 2PP90X Lean Calendar Phase 2P90X_Doubles_Calendar_Recovery_Phase (4)









P90X Classic Calendar Phase 3P90X_Lean_Calendar_Phase_3P90X_Doubles_Calendar_Recovery_Phase (5)









P90X_Classic_Calendar_Recovery_PhaseP90X_Lean_Calendar_Recovery_PhaseP90X_Doubles_Calendar_Recovery_Phase (1)