P90X Calories Burned While Working Out

People often wonder when doing the p90x workouts how many calories they are burning. Calculating calories is the most difficult part of working out and it is one of the most important things to keep track of when starting. Why is it difficult to track how many calories you burn during a workout? Well that is because everyone is different and will burn calories differently depending on their fitness level. Some people burn more calories than others, that is why is most cases it is a just a guess. Keeping track allows you to modify your diet according to the workout, just keep in mind that some people burn more calories than others do.

When calculating calories burned, it is important to take in to account your current weight, your age, BMI, and height. A person that is 6.0 feet tall weighing 280 pounds will burn calories faster than someone that is 5.3 feet tall weighing the same amount. The muscles in the body are the calorie burners, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Starting out on the p90x workout plan, if you work out the full hour in the beginning you should burn around 500 to 600 calories per hour or more.

I was able to Google what appears to be a p90x calorie calculator but I am not sure, how accurate is, I still need to do more testing.

So my stats:

Age: 32

Weight: 264

BMI: 36%

1: Chest and Back – 745 calories burned

2: Plyometrics – 1035 calories burned

3: Shoulders and Arms – 663 calories burned

4: Yoga X – 505 calories burned

5: Legs and Back – 972 calories burned

6: Kenpo X – 1010 calories burned

7: X Stretch – 316 calories burned

8: Core Synergistics – 858 calories burned

9: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – 732 calories burned

10: Back and Biceps – 631 calories burned

11: Cardio X – 1022 calories burned

12: Ab Ripper X – 454 calories burned

You are able to see from the stats above that most of the exercises fall in the 600 to 700 calories burned per hour range for me. You can tell the more cardio-based workouts because they are over 1000 calories burned per hour. The muscle-based workouts are in the 700 range. This will actually increase over time as you gain more muscle mass. Judging from the results listed here, I would have to say that this calculator is highly inaccurate. The calculator does not take in to account muscle mass, this is a huge over site on their part. Muscle burns more calories than fat, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. The calculator I found does not take this in to account at all. That means that someone weighing 265 that are out of shape will appear to burn more calories than someone that weighs 230 and is in great shape.

My advice is to use it as a guide and not as a hard set of numbers. I know that on a treadmill I can burn 600 calories an hour just walking at a fast pace, again it does not take in to account your actual overall fitness level. This is the problem with most calculators; someone weighing 250 with 10% body fat will burn more calories than someone weighing 250 with 35% body fat will.

Here is a calculator for calories burned by heart rate which is something you should be monitoring during these workouts: