P90X Chest and Back – Workout Review

The workout calendar you select will determine when you will use disk 1: Chest & Back. You can keep track of your progress with the p90x workout sheet that corresponds to this workout. This particular workout focuses on muscle building and toning. The exercises focus on two major areas, your chest and upper back. This will include your chest, some of your muscles in your shoulders, and your upper back. In this post, I will be going over each exercise and the equipment you will need for this DVD.

Equipment Needed for this workout:

Weights or Resistance bands* – I personally used resistance bands in the beginning. They can be used instead of a pull-up bar as well. If you use weights make sure you invest in a set that is adjustable.

*Resistance bands can be used in the beginning instead of the pull-up bar. You will need to get a set of bands that attach to a door frame or get a heavy duty hook to install in your ceiling. Just make sure the hook is properly installed or the bands could pull it out of the ceiling causing it to hit you. I used a hook I purchased for hanging stuff in the garage. I then used a stud finder to locate a stud and installed the hook, I tested the hook by pulling / hanging from it.

Chin-up Bar – Any high quality pull-up bar will work, it does not have to be the p90x one.

Bench or Chair – This is to help with the incline push-ups and the pull-ups if you need support.

List of each exercise on the DVD:

Warm-Up (2:30 + 6:30)

01 Chest – standard Push-Ups – Typical push-up that everyone has done at one point.

02 Back – Wide Front Pull-Ups – This is placing your as far apart as you can on the pull-up bar. Can also be done with bands.

03 Chest – Military Push-Ups – Push-up that makes you hold form, your nose should touch the ground. Your back should be straight and your hands, shoulders, and chest should be aligned.

04 Back – Reverse Grip Chin-Ups – This is a typical pull-up but with your palms facing you. Can also be done with bands.

Water Break (0:49)

05 Chest – Wide Fly Push-Ups – Your hands are positioned outside of your shoulders.

06 Back – Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups – pull-ups with your hands in the closest position on the chin-up bar. Can also be done with bands.

07 Chest – Decline Push-Ups – Hands are inline with your shoulders and chest but your feet are on a bench or chair.

08 Back – heavy Pants – bending over with your legs bent your pick up weights from the ground to your armpits. Can also be done with bands.

Water Break (0:47)

09 Chest – Diamond Push-Ups – With your thumb and first fingers touching, you make a diamond shape.

10 Back- Lawnmowers – Using weights you will pull them up from the ground like you are starting a lawn mower.

11 Chest – Dive-Bomber Push-Ups – These push ups are the hardest I have ever done. Starting in an arched position, you swing down. These push up will make your upper body so sore.

12 Back – Back Flys – Sitting on a bench or chair, you lean over and pick up the weights from the ground up as high as you can.

Water Break (1:04)

13 Back – Wide Front Pull-Ups – Same as the above exercise.

14 Chest – standard Push-Ups – More push-ups.

15 Back – Reverse Grip Chin-Ups – Second round of chin-ups.

16 Chest – Military Push-Ups – Second set of military push-ups.

Water Break (1:00)

17 Back – Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups – Second set

18 Chest – Wide Fly Push-Ups – Second set

19 Back – heavy Pants – Second set

20 Chest – Decline Push-Ups – Second set

Water Break (0:37)

21 Back – Lawnmowers – Second set

22 Chest – Diamond Push-Ups – Second set

23 Back – Back Flys – Second set

24 Chest – Dive-Bomber Push-Ups – Second set

Cool Down (3:22)


When first starting, my advice is to make sure you pace yourself in the beginning. Trying to keep pace with the video will only result in your getting hurt or not finishing. Use the pause button to get more time in between the sets if needed. The point when starting out is to finish, just don’t do the first set and think you are done. Make sure you record how many of each set you do; you will want this information for week 2. As you can see from the first DVD, the workouts are intense. Usually p90x is not for people that are out of shape or have never worked out. However, you can still do it. Just make sure you take your time and pace yourself. The total workout is around an hour, maybe longer if you need more time between the workouts.