P90X Plus Reviews

So, you are done with P90X and need a new challenge? P90X Plus is Beachbody’s answer for the P90X graduate who is looking to take it to another level. Tony, the trainer from the original P90X, is back with new moves and routines that will have you reaching for the pause button. This supplemental program is to add a new twist to your existing P90X routine. Here is my review of P90X Plus.

What is P90X +?

P90X Plus is a supplemental workout program geared towards P90X graduates. This is NOT a stand-alone program. P90X Plus brings an additional five videos to add to your pre-existing P90X routine.  The new videos include brand new moves with faster tempos than the originals. P90X Plus delivers more cardio, interval training, and core workouts that promise to keep your body guessing and yielding more results.

Who should buy it?

After finishing P90X, doing the same routine again does not come with the same excitement as when you first started. Some of us need a new challenge to keep the motivation at a high level. P90X Plus will spice things up. That is why it is for the P90X graduate only and there are a few reasons for that. First, purchasing P90X Plus without owning the original does you absolutely no good, as it is to be an add-on. Secondly, the five new videos are shorter and therefore much more intense making it very difficult, if not impossible, for a P90X newbie to keep up. Most important of all, however, is the fact that the new videos are for fat burning rather than muscle building. Now, P90X is not necessarily a muscle-building program, but it does help you gain some mass. By jumping into P90X Plus without completing P90X, you miss crucial muscle gain that is missing in the five new videos.

What is included when you purchase P90X Plus?

  • P90X Plus includes five new videos as well as some new features that come in handy.
  • Interval X Plus – This is a full throttle cardio workout that incorporates interval training to get maximum heart rate in a short period.
  • Kempo Cardio Plus – This takes the original Kempo X and adds intensity, new moves, and more cardio.
  • Upper Plus – This upper body workout aims to burn fat and hit all aspects of your upper body.
  • Total Body Plus – This includes many new moves that incorporate various muscle groups giving you a complete body workout that will have the fat just melting off.
  • Abs/Core Plus – This adds many more positions making it a much more difficult workout than the original.
  • Fitness Guide – This gives you a new calendar that will incorporate the five new videos with the original P90X routine.
  • Tony’s Trainer Tracks – This is probably one of the most useful features. You can choose to listen to Tony give various pointers on each of the exercises to perfect your form and get the most out of each workout.


P90X Plus is definitely a useful addition to your P90X routine. The five new videos offer many more moves and bring an intensity that will challenge any P90X graduate. The new workouts are a great addition for those who are looking for a bigger challenge and still have stubborn belly fat. These new workouts WILL burn off that little bit of stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you try, assuming your diet is not at fault.

Final Verdict of the P90X Plus Reviews:

Does it work? Yes, but it is not a crucial so you might want to weigh your options before spending the sixty bucks it retails for. It does bring a new dimension to P90X and is definitely more challenging but it does not change the program in a dramatic way. I believe these videos are not completely necessary unless you become bored with the original routine and are in your third or fourth round of P90X. I would only recommend these videos for those of you who have done P90X several times and just need to lose that little bit of extra body fat to look your best. Otherwise, I believe that doing more rounds of P90X can be just as beneficial. P90X Plus does take away some of the muscle building routines and even though P90X is not necessarily a muscle building program, it is still something to consider when moving up to P90X Plus. Overall, it is a solid addition to the original but in the end; it is just a luxury not a necessity.