P90X Recovery Drink

The P90X fitness routine has more than proven itself as one of the best and fastest methods for shedding pounds, getting fitter, and building increased muscle mass. Most consumers using this program range from stay-at-home moms who do not have a lot of time to work out in a gym, to men who want to be ripped or back into shape. In order to deliver the intense results that many people have been seeing from consistently following the P90X workout program, the workouts have to be intense. People have to exercise the muscle groups to failure so that strength is increased, fat is lost, and entire body transformations can take place. This is where the p90x recovery shake can help.

What is the p90x recovery drink?

The purpose of the p90x brand of recovery shake is to help your body recover after working out. The design of the protein shake formula is to give your body, specifically your muscles, what it needs after finishing a workout routine. Since the workouts are so intense and you are working out every day on this program, you are going to be sore. This is where drinking the shake after a workout pays off in the end. While you may not be sore right after the workout, the next morning is a different story. The thought is that if you are not as sore the next morning you will be more likely to work out again that night. Other protein shakes will accomplish this but to work with the p90x program they need to be formulated a certain way for maximum results.

What are the benefits?

I found this excerpt on periods after a workout. The shake actually does not taste too bad considering it is a protein shake product.

Studies (1,2) show that with proper nutrition during the first hour following a workout you can increase your body’s ability to recover by more than 100%. The key component to maximizing this “window of opportunity” is a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein. P90X Results and Recovery Formula combines the proper nutrients in this state-of-the-art, great-tasting, body-shaping cocktail that has guaranteed to take your P90X workouts to the next level.

What are the drawbacks?

The cost is really the only real major disadvantage of using the shake. The shake has everything other popular protein shakes have but it is just a little more expensive as other leading brands. The average cost of a 5-gallon jar is around $53.99.

Final Thoughts:

For people who have been working with Tony Horton’s system for countless years, the relief provided by the P90X recovery drink is a welcome feeling for most people. It is now easy to get the body of your dreams without struggling with muscle soreness all the time. You cannot physically see the difference that the P90X recovery drink makes inside you, but the truth you will surely feel it the following morning. It can be perfect for new people using the workout system for the first time since they are not use to the workouts. Using this drink at the beginning, people are able to continue since they never experience the intense muscle soreness that naturally comes along with working the entire body this hard. To acquire more information as well as the best places to buy p90x recovery drink, visit P90X Products.