P90X Resistance Bands

The P90X home workout program by beachbody recommends using p90x resistance bands during some of the workouts in the beginning. These are for people that are beginners or for people that are looking just to tone their body. They can take the place of traditional dumbbells and help with pull-ups without the use of the bar. The resistance bands come in different sizes and colors that indicate the amount of weight resistance they provide. This means that the bands are color coded so you can easily identify the resistance of the band. You can also tell by the width of the band, the wider it is the more resistance it provides. The workout DVD’s give you great information on how to use the them to complete the exercises if you don’t have the other equipment  I would also recommend looking at purchasing a pair of workout gloves to use while working out, with this equipment  the bands handle have a tendency to rub the top of your knuckles. This can cause blisters and sometimes open sores over time.

How Do Resistance Bands Work?

Think of resistance bands as strong rubber bands that offer different levels difficulty. When pulled they offer resistance and are flexible and squishy, then they snap back into place when you stop pulling on them. While this is good for toning, muscles it would be difficult to add muscle mass with these. That is why you will need to change to something like dumbbells if you are looking to add muscle mass. P90X does a great job in showing you different methods for getting the most out of the P90X Resistance Bands. The resistance bands are great at resistance training in the workout like shrugs, pull-ups, lawn mower, and the back row. Everything you can do with a set of dumbbells you can do with the bands.

Who should use Resistance Bands?

As always please consult with your doctor first, the P90X program is not going to help if you injure yourself during the workouts. Resistance bands are low impact on the muscle and joints, so they are great when low impact is what you need. Dumbbells while they provide better muscle building are usually harder for beginners to use. If you are starting out or have not use workout equipment in a long time I would recommend getting a set of these to start with, they are less expensive than buying weights. If you are however looking for a fitness program to help sculpt muscle and total-body toning for weight loss, then using the p90x resistance bands is what you need to get results. Since you are toning muscle, you will burn fat and start the transformation of your body to reach your weight loss goals.

Where can I get P90X Resistance Bands?

You can get the P90X Resistance Bands here but also any sports store will carry these in stock for around $15 to 30$. I would recommend getting a set that you are able to add more than one band to or that have the ability to change out the bands out on the handles. This will allow you to get the most out of them before having to move to free weights. The bands are extremely common and are easy to find at any major store with a sporting section. You can find multiple sets on Wal-Mart’s website, as well as amazon, and other sporting goods websites. Just go to the exercise section of the store or website and look for the bands.

Final Thoughts:

The P90X Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment to help you get started with the program. Their primary use is to help you focus on key areas to tone. Since they are mostly one direction of resistance, they are perfect for people that have not worked out in a long time or people that prefer to use something other than dumbbells.