P90X Workout Review for Women

That is right it is not just a program for men to get in shape with, women have p90x success stories as well. So how do you determine if p90x is right for you? Well if your husband or boyfriend is already working out, then you should at least join him in the workouts. You can follow a different plan than him, but at least it is something that you are doing together. Extra motivation never hurt anyone that is trying to get back into shape. Determining your goals is critical for staying motivated throughout the workout’s duration. This is the same for men except, most men will see results faster than most women will. Since this will be a real p90x review, we need to know does p90x work for women like it does for men. Let us find the answer together.

Can Women do P90X?

Women’s success with p90x is always possible by setting what the real goals are before starting the program. Are you looking for another home workout program? If you search the internet, you will find that there are many p90x reviews for women; YouTube has around a billion videos on p90x women results. However, most of the women are seasoned fitness people that are looking to tone/add/sculpt their muscle tone. Can an everyday woman do p90x? YES, YOU CAN. Just remember two things when starting. First, you do not have to use dumbbells, you can use resistance bands until you are used to the workout schedule. Second, you will be building muscle, so do not freak out if you actually gain weight. Muscle weighs a lot more fat, the more muscle you add the heavier you way.

 How do I to get started?

Do you know someone that is currently using the program? If so start working out with them. However if you do not know anyone that is currently using the program then you are going to have to purchase your own copy. I would suggest starting with the easy lean program your first time going through the program. The lean phase is actually an easier cardio based workout; this is a little different from the classic p90x plan where you are trying to add muscle. I would invest into a good set of resistance bands instead of dumbbells when starting out as well. This will allow you to keep up with the workouts, while at the same time toning your arms, back, and other areas.

What are the benefits for Women?

The main benefit is getting a nice body after using the program. The program is successful for women because it works on toning the body and that is perfect for women. If you do not have time to go to the gym or if you are, self-concuss about working out in a group, then it is the perfect program for you to do in the comfort of your living room.

What are the disadvantages for women?

Staying motivated is the hardest part of this program. There are two disadvantages to using this home workout program for women. The first is that you could eat much more than you normally do on this program, thus actually gaining a lot of weight. This could be either muscle or even fat gain if you are not staying on the workout plan. The second is the workouts are hard, even for most women. You will be doing push-ups and pull-ups in the workout; these can be very difficult for women. Just remember follow the advice in the videos and push through it.

P90X Review for Women:

P90x is hard workout program that will push you to your limits. Focus on that and you will be the next person showing off your 90 results. While you may cheat or not complete the full routines the first couples of weeks, keep at it and soon you will notice that, you are able to keep pace with the videos. Good luck and I hope that you achieve your goal.