P90X Reviews – The most popular home workout program

What the world really needs is more “no B.S.” P90X reviews. Many people swear by the program, while others look at it and yawn. I am going to break it all down for you, right here. Everything you will need to know to make an informed decision about P90X. Do not just believe what you have seen on the infomercials and all the hype of p90x success stories. For clarification purposes, this review is solely based on the P90X program by beachbody.

In order to do a review of p90x properly, you have to break the down in to mini sections. A section covering each aspect of the program is enough in most cases to learn all there is to know about the product. The first part of the review is in this article and I will be covering the overall program. In later sections, I will examine each of these sections in more detail.

What is P90X?

I had read a lot of p90x reviews on the internet, they are as common as advice on weight loss. What is p90x? This may seem like a simple answer, but you find out that it is never just that easy. Personal trainer and fitness guru “Tony Horton” designed the p90x program. It requires the user to participate in a variety of intense forms of exercise for 90 days. The system employs strength training, martial arts, plyometrics, cardio, a yoga program, and stretching to work on a range of aspects that make up total-body fitness. The method of P90X is on the concept of “muscle confusion”. Muscle confusion P90X style, is the idea that constantly changing up one’s exercise routine will keep the body from reaching a plateau, which is a period where it seems impossible to make progress in strength and muscle gains. This is the secret behind the dramatic changes to your complete body during the duration of this home fitness program.

The base P90X program includes 12 Workout DVD’s, the P90X fitness guide, workout calendar, 3-Phase nutrition plan, and a “How to Bring It” introductory video, featuring Tony Horton. The P90X fitness guide includes blank logs to record your progress on individual exercises and describes on what days to use which workout DVD’s. The 12 workout DVD’s include:

  • Chest & Back
  • Plyometrics
  • Shoulders & Arms
  • Yoga X
  • Legs & Back
  • Kenpo X
  • X Stretch
  • Core Synergistics
  • Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
  • Back & Biceps
  • Cardio X
  • Ab Ripper X

This depends on where you order the product and what kit you end up purchasing. The system includes several guides that cover various areas of fitness training, fitness tips, cardio workouts, and the p90x fitness guide. When I purchased the p90x system, I found that there are three kits from beachbody and amazon, the base kit, the deluxe kit, and the ultimate kit. Each kit is below along with my personal opinion.

The Base Kit: 3 payments of 39.95 plus shipping and tax.
This is the basic p90x workout kit. This kit includes the workout DVD’s, the Nutrition plan, and the fitness guide. It does not include the recovery shake mix or any equipment. (This is a great kit to get you started, if you get the chin-up bar and dumbbells/resistance bands before you start)

The Deluxe Kit: 3 payments of 79.90 plus shipping and tax.
This includes everything the basic kit does but also comes with equipment. This kit comes with the P90X Recovery Shake, Resistance Bands, and the P90X chin up bar.

The Ultimate kit: 3 payments of 109.85 plus shipping and tax.
This kit includes everything in the basic and deluxe kits but also includes 5 p90x plus workouts. In addition to that, you also get Tony Horton power stands that
help you get the most out of push-ups. The last additional item is the chin-up max; this is to help you get more reps in your chin-up exercises. (If you were looking to get the most out of the p90x system I would recommend getting this. Otherwise, I would just stick with the basic or deluxe kits.)

What You Will Need?

To do the workouts, you will need a set of dumbbells or lightweight resistance bands, and a chin-up bar. If you get stronger, keep in mind that, you may need heavier dumbbells or bands to stimulate muscle growth and strength gains. You may also want to have pushup stands, a yoga mat, and a heart-rate monitor. However, these are optional. Obviously, you will need a TV and a DVD player. These will need to be in a place that allows room for movement and that is near a door, which can help to hang the chin-up bar. The official P90X website suggests a space of 6 by 6 feet as adequate, but I would suggest a little extra, so you do not have to worry about running into things. As far as time goes, the program requires you to work out for about an hour, six days a week.

P90X Reviews presents – How to Bring it!

What are the Cons of P90X?

In most of the p90x reviews i have read, they talk about the program as if it is the greatest thing since “sliced bread”. This is where I am going to be critical and brutally honest. Most p90x user reviews like to do the pros before the cons, but for this review, I think it is better to introduce some reality before hitting the strengths of P90X. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, there are way better programs out there. A great diet and a lifting routine designed for bulking will help you build a lot more mass than P90X. If you are looking for strength gains, a powerlifting program or the ever-popular “5×5” program will get you much stronger than you could ever dream of getting from P90X. If you are looking to work on your cardio, take up cycling or train for a marathon. If you want flexibility and balance, you would be better off to enroll in a yoga class. If you want to be more athletic, do plyometrics and the Olympic lifts. P90X is not going to make you GREAT at any one of these individual aspects of total-body fitness. Although the idea of “muscle confusion” sounds like it will make you superman or superwoman overnight, it has actually been around for quite a while. You do not have to do P90X to introduce “muscle confusion” to your workouts; it is a lot simpler than that.

What are the Pros of P90X?

P90X is actually a great program. Yeah, I said it. What makes it great? P90X is a total-body fitness system. P90X will not turn you into Arnold, but you will build muscle. P90X will not make you a world-record holder in the deadlift or bench press, but you will gain some functional strength and muscle-endurance. P90X will not make you a pro-athlete, but you will become more athletic. If you need to lose body fat, P90X is effective in helping to shed excess pounds. That is the point of P90X. The program will help you work on a variety of fitness aspects over the course of 90 days. Another thing that I really love about P90X is that the results you get are determined on the intensity that you bring to the program. While you are following the workout DVD’s, it is entirely up to you to choose more weight, to move faster, to jump more explosively, and to get in that extra rep. The P90X workouts are actually fairly challenging, but you have the ability to make them even more challenging based on your own fitness level. Tony Horton also does an excellent job in guiding you through the workouts on the DVD’s and motivating you to keep going.

What is the Bottom Line?

IThe P90X workout program seems simple enough to use, that anyone could follow the program. Just use the program for 3 months and you will be in the best shape of your life. However, the hard works out routines tend to demand a lot of commitment to complete. Newbies, or perhaps individuals who are seriously out of shape, will most likely not make it through the strenuous schedule and really should start with a less rigorous workout to get started with. Just really know what your current boundaries are, if you have not worked out in a long time just take it slow at the beginning.

You will notice results of the program. However, as with every workout program, the caliber of those results will certainly vary depending on how much effort you put in during the program. If you skip workouts or do not follow the meal plan, then you will not see the results you want from this program.

Does P90X Work?

Anybody who wants to work on his or her overall fitness will enjoy P90X. There are countless testimonials, YouTube videos, and results pictures testifying to how well the program works. I am not here to deny how effective P90X is at delivering those kinds of results. People have lost weight and built muscle at the same time. Results are sometimes drastic. Ideally, P90X is perfect for people who are limited on time, but still want to get in a great workout. It takes a lot less time to play a DVD, than to get ready and drive to the gym every day. You also will spend less money on gas and be able to work out when it is most convenient for you. I hope this P90X review has cut through some of the advertisement propaganda and has given you realistic expectations of a great program to utilize in your quest for personal fitness.