Starting the journey!

Aug 25, 2012

In order to understand why I choose the medical weight-loss for results route as my option, I have to give you a little background on why I choose that solution. Over the past, couple years I have tried various ways to lose weight. They have all failed and today I am weighing in at a staggering 308 lbs. I am starting to feel the effects of carrying around that much weight. I do not sleep well; my back and lower joints are starting to prevent me from enjoying family activities that I have in the past.

I sit behind a desk all day so I do not get a lot of physical exercise at my job. I was usually eating out every day for lunch and almost never eat breakfast. I would drink one to two red bulls a day; I know those are bad for you. I usually drank non-sweet tea most of the time and almost never had a soda. I love eating at jack-in-the-box; I really should own stock in that place. So I figured I was eating around 3000 to 4000 calories a day, I was shocked too.

So, fast-forward a couple years to three months ago. I was at a neighbor’s birthday party and he was talking about a weight loss program that he joined and the crazy medication that they had him on. I was wondering why he was not drinking at the birthday party, it was because alcohol is one of the things that you cannot have on the diet.

He explained what the diet was and that it was only 800 calories a day. Then he told us that he had already lost 10 pounds on the diet in the first week. That made my ears perk up and I started to listen and ask questions about the diet.

Now let us fast-forward again to the following week after the party. I spoke to my wife and after thinking about it for a while, I thought heck it is worth a try. Therefore, I went down to the clinic and listen to the orientation visit and initial consultation. After the orientation, I starting working on preparing for the diet and decided that I would start it on Sunday, just a couple days away. This allowed me time to get the prescription and start getting the foods that I need to eat on while on the program.

Pre-Program Prep:

  • Beginning Weight: 308 – more beginning information will be at the bottom
  • Got my prescription
  • Finish the blood work draw for the program – they did it in house – mostly to check cholesterol levels.
  • Heart Monitor Test – EKG – The clinic performed this test to make sure I did not have any heart problems.
  • Take a pre diet photo – front view and side or profile view. Trust me you will want these.
  • Read the diet guide – front to back and back to front, it will tell you what you can and cannot have on the different phases of the diet.
  • Eat anything that is your favorite food now, because once you start the program you cannot have it.
  • Clear the house of candy and other junk foods.
  • Get a good digital food scale – do not get a cheap spring one.
  • Treadmill or other in house exercise equipment. You will need this after the first week.
  • My Fitness Pal App – download this free app to your cell phone. This is how you will track your daily intake of calories. It is the best app out there for this, mostly because you can use your camera to scan UPC codes to enter in serving sizes. Oh yeah it is also free.

I am now reading to start my dieting journey. Come back next week to see the results of the first week and the all protein phase of the diet. Here is the most recent photo of me prior to starting the weight-loss program; this is a picture of me at around 308 pounds.