My Fitness Pal App

My Fitness Pal 6

The “my fitness pal app” for the iPhone is one of the best apps for tracking the progress of your diet. The main benefit of this is not only is it free but also that it has a massive database to pull information. This allows you to use the devices camera to scan the barcode of a […]

P90X App for the Iphone

P90X App 1

The p90x app makes it easier for you to do your workouts when you have time. Since the workouts usually take over an hour it is handy to able to do them anytime you need. There are a couple benefits of having this app on your phone. The biggest is you have access to the workouts on […]

BMI Calculator

This BMI calculator is for you to determine a general body mass index. Usually given in percentages, it tells you what your current body fat percent is. This is only an estimate and the only true way to measure, your body fat percentage is to have it measured by a professional. This is a BMR calculator to […]