Weight loss tip #5 – Bad Day

What to do when you have a bad day or week:

You know it’s inevitable. You’re watching your diet and trying to eat right, then you are required to attend a special function for work or the infamous family gathering. You panic thinking that “falling off your diet” is somehow going to hurt you. Well, the truth is going out socially once in a while does not have to amount to a bad experience. Negative activities can be turned into positives rather quickly. If you feel that you have had a bad day or even a full week in which you ate too much or you missed your exercise routine, then there are ways to deal with it and move on.

Getting back on the horse is the best thing you can do for yourself:

Tomorrow is another day and next week will be just fine to continue with your goals. Understand that everyday is not going to be perfect. You will have valid reasons for missing your aerobics classes and you will have circumstances that you cannot avoid when eating out. The best thing to do is put that “bad” time behind you. Forget about it and establish your next goal.

Switch up your strategy:

If you are normally capable of motivating yourself, but find that you are lethargic and just not in the mood to deal with losing weight, try to change your routine, your clothing, or even the plates on which you eat. This does not mean going out and buying new things. It means trying to focus on something that can get you rejuvenated.

  • For example, studies have shown that red is a motivating color. Find something in your wardrobe that is red and wear that to do some housework or exercise.
  • Save your favorite workout clothing for your bad days.
  • Change the time that you attend classes.

Your routine and goals are not cast in stone if they are making you feel awful.

Don’t change everything all at once:

Often, when we try to lose weight, we assume that the process is all or nothing. This is simply not true. It is not necessary to remove every food group from your new diet. Likewise, it is not necessary to meet ten goals at once. Five will do until you get the hang of things. Don’t make things so difficult for yourself that many bad days and weeks exist. They should be the minority, not the majority, in your weight loss journey.

Talk to others if you can:

Do you have someone with whom you can express your feelings? Others will support you when you feel bad about deviating from the program. They do not even have to be people close to you. If you find a social outlet, use it. Many of the big weight loss companies now have online forums. Register and see what others are saying. Talking to people like yourself can really help to motivate.

Motivational speakers can help to get you back on track:

The internet is a wonderful medium when losing weight because you have access to so many great resources. If you need help to recover from what you think was a rotten week, seek out some of the videos from motivational speakers. Find someone you like and start listening. The audios or videos do not even have to be on weight loss. But, what the speakers have to say is often enough to move individuals. Take advantage of online assistance.

Read your journal to remind yourself of the goals you have achieved and the results you have experienced:

When something goes wrong, we all focus on the negative. Look back at your daily entries and you will see that you have more positives. When you quantify what you have accomplished, it is easier to feel good about yourself. Losing a day or a week is not that important anymore.

In reality, bad weeks only become a problem when the whole diet has gone wrong. If you can no longer focus on the right foods, proper portion control, and regular exercise, then you have a bigger problem to address than just one bad week.