Weightloss Journey Week 1 Results

Aug 31, 2012

In the previous post, I talked about starting the journey. This week was interesting being on the medical weight loss program for the first time. The first week of the diet was nothing but protein, that meant no fruit, veggies, or anything else that was not lean protein. This was my kind of diet, I love eating meat however I did miss the bread and potatoes. I never really felt hungry during the first week and I did stick to the 800 calories. I tracked my weight every morning and logged everything I eat. I averaged anywhere from 750 to 820 calories depending on what I was eating. I had PowerAde zero in the mornings and drank a gallon of water a day. At night, I took a multivitamin with dinner and sometimes-other supplements like magnesium if I had muscle cramps the night before. The medication I am taking is three doses and the final dose needs to be taken 5 to 6 hours before prior to going to bed. One of the side effects of the medication is insomnia; I did not have any problems going to sleep. The medication did give me a burst of energy and at times, it was as if I had just drunk a whole pot of coffee.

The food:

Super easy, if it is lean protein you can eat up to 800 calories. For breakfast, I would have three large egg whites and four slices of turkey bacon. Sometimes I would change out for turkey sausage but most of the time it was turkey bacon. That got me 175 calories in the morning and I would take the medication prior to eating, usually around 6:00am. For a snack at 10:00am I would usually drink sometime like an EAS protein shake or pork rinds, this gave me another 110 calories. For lunch, I would have sliced deli meat or grilled chicken breast. I preferred the sliced deli meat because it was 45 calories per serving of six slices. Therefore, I could 24 slices for a total of 180 calories for lunch. I also took the second dose of the medication at 11:00 am and ate at 12:00 pm. My next snack was at 2:00pm, this was usually a protein shake of some sort like that EAS shakes for around 110 calories, and then I took the medication at 3:00pm. For dinner this was a little harder, I had to make sure that I finished the day strong with as close to 800 calories as I could. I would have around 225 calories left for the day so I would do something as 2 3oz chicken breasts grilled or cooked in a pan chopped. I continued this process for rest of the first week.

The daily calories:

On average, I stuck to 200 in the morning, 100 for the first snack, 200 for lunch, 100 for the second snack, and 200 for dinner. Remember this was all protein, so it was easy to follow. This gave me a nice daily average of around 800 and anything over was pure protein. Greatest diet ever, I was completely happy just eating protein.

The results:

This was after only being on the diet for 6 days, since I started on Sunday and checked in on Friday.

  • Blood work – they went over the results of the blood work and the only thing that was close to being high was my triglycerides. This is the result of poor diet, obesity, alcohol, eating a lot of sugar, and various other things. I looked at the list and checked off four out five on the list.
  • Body Fat: 58.1% – this is on a body fat scale and not through actual body fat measurements using calibers.
  • Heart Rate: 98 beats per minute
  • Blood pressure: 128/82
  • Weight: 298

The results to date:

I have lost 10 pounds so far on the acute protein phase of the diet. After tomorrow I get to start eating veggies again, I cannot wait. I have felt great all week with no side effects. Come back next week to see how far I progress.