Weightloss Journey Week 10 Results

Nov 2, 2012

In my previous post, you saw the results of week 9. The end of week 10 has come on the diet and I cannot believe how far I have come. Ten full weeks on the diet, each week I am losing weight. What more could I ask for right. Well my weight has been bouncing all over the place. I think this is because of a couple different reasons. The main one being trying to replace burned calories from the workout, I am now up to burning 400 calories per session. As a result I feel like I am gaining muscle weight and retaining water, these two factors could be the cause of my weight bouncing all over the place. I still feel healthy; I have only two weeks left on the medication before I have to switch over to an all-natural solution. Their recommendation is amino acids and fat blockers. I have read some information on raspberry key tones being an all-natural solution for appetite suppression. I will have to look into more on that and see if it actually works.

The food:

I stuck to the diet and the same foods that I have been eating the previous weeks. I will post the daily logs for a week at week twelve when I update my results photo. I think you people will be surprised with the results so far.

The daily calories:

I stuck with the 200, 100, 200, 100, and 200-calorie counts with a daily average of 800 calories and 1000 calories on the days I worked out. I had an extra 200 calories on the days I worked out in order to offset the calories I burned. This was in the form of lean protein, most of the time chicken breasts or something else that is lean protein. I have purchase some whey protein to help with replacing calories after working out.

The results:

This was 7 days of the phase 2 diet with veggies w/ non-fat salad dressing. Weight lost for the week 2 pounds

  • Heart Rate: 97 beats per minute
  • Blood pressure: 124/82
  • Weight: 261.4
  • Body Mass Index: 35.45

The results to date:

So far, I have lost a total of 47.4 pounds in ten weeks on the diet. I am so close to the 1/2 way mark I just cannot wait. I am really trying hard to get to 50 lbs. lost before I take my 12th week photo. Once I get down to around 230 or 240, I will use the home workout program I purchased P90X. I am excited with the results so far. I am hoping at the end of week 11 I have reached the 1/2 way goal. Guess we will just have to wait and see the results next week. I will upload a food journal in the next couple of days to show you exactly what foods I have been and their nutritional information. The foods are all items that you can pick up at your local grocery store.