Weightloss Journey Week 2 Results

Sep 7, 2012

In my previous post, you saw the results of week 1. This is now week 2 of the medical weight-loss program and I have survived. I am still getting use to the diet but I am getting it down. I find eating pretty much the same thing every day keeps me on track, it does get a little boring but I usually changed it up for dinner. Sunday was the first time in a week that I could eat veggies again. I do not think I have ever been so happy to eat lettuce and broccoli, ever. I measured out everything according to portions and serving sizes, I found that 2 cups of lettuce is a lot of lettuce and its only 25 calories. So what can I eat? Well it is still 80% protein with veggies added in with lunch and dinner. The secret is portion control and making sure to do one serving. I was good and did not cheat at all this week I followed the diet perfectly. I can start exercising now, since it is strongly “recommended” not to exercise during the first week. I however did not, I felt that I was still trying to get the diet down and exercising would just be a little much. Over the week, I felt fine physically and mentally, I did not have any problems sleeping or any other side effects of the medication.

The food:

This week I stuck to the 3 egg whites and 2 sausage turkey patties for breakfast. For lunch, I packed 1 serving of lettuce and a pre-cooked chicken breast. For the snacks, I had one serving of beef jerky and 1 EAS shake. For dinner I usually had 1/2 serving of lettuce, 1 serving of meat like chicken or fish, and 1 serving of a veggies like green beans. I can eat other things like non-fat products but only in very small amounts and limited to only once a week or a couple times a week. I tried to eat the lettuce dry but found that it was impossible for me to do, so I started adding non-fat raspberry vinaigrette to the salads. I of course followed the serving size of two tablespoons, which relates to two caps full of dressing. This was the only way I could eat the lettuce with lunch and dinner. When you see this week’s results, you will understand that it did not really matter adding the dressing other than I could actually eat the lettuce.

The daily calories:

I stuck with the 200, 100, 200, 100, and 200-calorie counts with a daily average of 812 calories. The only thing off diet was the salad dressing I talked about previously.

The results:

This was 1 day of the all protein diet and 6 days of the phase 2 diet with veggies w/ non-fat salad dressing. Weight lost for the week 7.6 pounds

  • Heart Rate: 101 beats per minute
  • Blood pressure: 118/74
  • Weight: 290.8
  • Body Mass Index: 49.92

The results to date:

That is right another 7 pounds gone. Wow, I am really starting to see results with the diet. So far, I have lost a total of 18 pounds in two weeks on the diet. I will save the results photo for week four; I know I still need to upload the photo prior to starting the diet.