Weightloss Journey Week 3 Results

Sep 14, 2012

In my previous post, you saw the results of week 2. This is now the end Week 3 and it has been a long week on the diet. I am sticking to the same diet as the previous week and not deviating from it at all. This week I have added in two days of exercise into the routine and ordered a home workout program. The exercise was walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes burning around 120 calories. I ordered the home workout program to help with getting back into shape once I have reached my target weight of 200 lbs. I have not weighed 200 lbs. since I was in high school. I have not had any issues with the diet other than if I work out too late, then I have a hard time going to asleep at the normal time.

The food:

This week I stuck to the same thing that appears to be working, 3 egg whites and 4 slices of turkey bacon for breakfast. For lunch, I packed 1 serving of lettuce and a pre-cooked chicken breast. For the snacks, I had 2 EAS shakes. For dinner I usually had 1/2 serving of lettuce, 1 serving of meat like chicken or fish, and 1 serving of a veggies like green beans. This is now the third week of the diet so it is becoming easier to gauge the food and determine the portion size just by looking at it.

The daily calories:

I stuck with the 200, 100, 200, 100, and 200-calorie counts with a daily average of 820 calories. This week I pretty much did the same as the previous week.

The results:

This was 7 days of the phase 2 diet with veggies w/ non-fat salad dressing. Weight lost for the week 5.8 pounds

  • Heart Rate: 101 beats per minute
  • Blood pressure: 122/84
  • Weight: 285
  • Body Mass Index: 48.92

The results to date:

So far, I have lost a total of 23.8 pounds in three weeks on the diet. I actually feel good this week, there are moments where I do feel hungry but usually a glass of water cures the hunger. The diet really has not been hard for the most part; the biggest challenge is eating with the family at night, getting use to cooking breakfast before work and the weekends. I feel I have a routine down on the diet and I do not really mind eating the same thing every day since I am starting to notice results. The weekly checkups are nice and it helps your personal moral when you step on the scale and see how much you have lost that week. I did however elect not to take the b-12 shots or the “skinny” shots since I was already taking various other supplements.