Weightloss Journey Week 4 Results

Sep 21, 2012

In my previous post, you saw the results of week 3. Week 4 has come to end on the diet and I am relieved to have made it. I am really starting to see the results of the diet, my stomach is getting smaller and my legs are really starting to get stronger. My legs have been the biggest change; they are really starting to get muscle tone from all the walking I have been doing. This week I tried to focus on working 3 times or every other day. I ran for the first time in 10 years and was able to go for over 3 minutes without passing out. 🙂 I am up to burning around 180 calories each workout, this is just walking at a fast pace for 20 minutes. I waited to start working out until I was sure that I had the diet down and I was able to track my results daily. I am still using my fitness pal app for tracking daily weight-loss and as my daily food journal. People are starting to make comments, asking how much weight I have lost and letting me know that they can see a big difference. I am still holding the result photo until I have reached my goal weight. I might put one of up at the 8 week mark if I continue to lose 3 to 4 pounds a week.

The food:

I went to a restaurant for a lunch meeting for the first time in four weeks. This was a little interesting since I had to ask them for a salad and just sliced chicken. I also asked if they would put everything else on the side. I explained to them that I was on a restrictive diet and the restaurant was happy to accommodate my request. Everything else this week was the same as the previous weeks. You do get a little tired of eating the same stuff day in and day out but I am seeing the results. Since I am able to see the results, I do not mind eating the same foods every day because I know it is working.

The daily calories:

I stuck with the 200, 100, 200, 100, and 200-calorie counts with a daily average of 800 calories and 1000 calories on the days I worked out. I had an extra 200 calories on the days I worked out in order to offset the calories I burned. This was in the form of lean protein, most of the time chicken breasts or something else that is lean protein. I have purchase some whey protein to help with replacing calories after working out.

The results:

This was 7 days of the phase 2 diet with veggies w/ non-fat salad dressing. Weight lost for the week 3.2 pounds

  • Heart Rate: 98 beats per minute
  • Blood pressure: 130/78
  • Weight: 281.8
  • Body Mass Index: 38.22

Week 4 Measurements: Every 4 weeks

Week 1:

Stomach: 53 inches

Hip: 53 inches

Thigh: 28 inches


Week 4:

Stomach: 49 1/4 inches

Hip: 50 inches

Thigh: 27 1/4 inches

The results to date:

So far, I have lost a total of 27.0 pounds in four weeks on the diet. I really do feel amazing and really feel like for the first time in a long time that I am now in control. I still weigh myself every morning at around the same time. I then match those numbers with the clinic when I go and weigh in. Usually they match pretty well except my home scale does weigh about 5 pounds lighter than the one at the clinic. I already knew this because I weighed myself just prior to the consultation at the beginning and was 303 on my home scale. Let us see how I do in week 5. 🙂